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Are You Using Neuromarketing?

The science of the brain and how it impacts shopping is a newly formed branch called Neuromarketing. In this article we discuss how paid researchers view and use it. While still new to many consumer science has been studied for sometime but was based mainly on input from consumers themselves via point of sale surveys. However the new technology now understands that our conscious mind (the part answering the survey) is not the part making the buying decision, but the subconscious mind has powerful control over our emotions and buying habits. Continue reading

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Sherry’s Blog

Week Four This week was mostly taken up with my J.O.B.  But I have been working on a secret project and am unveiling it here today. I will have more to say about this later. How Important Is Mindset? Napoleon … Continue reading

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Quick Start Challenge Video

QSC Video Well I did it! I am not completely happy with it but I can only go up from here 🙂   Let’s see I left off throwing in the towel :0 well obviously not for good. I did … Continue reading

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