SEO – Going Forward – Rand Fishkin

SEO Efforts Should Be Centered On Quality.

Rand Fishkin, the CEO of MOZ, continues to see quality as the issue in SEO efforts – that is rated by Google, in 2014. Their company has been around for almost 7 years and provide a variety of software solutions for Internet Marketers. The one that most of us are familiar with is MOZ analytics which allows marketers to track their own websites and their competitors. This information gives them great insights into the marketing plan and SEO strategies of similar businesses, which in turn enables them to improve their own SEO efforts.

SEO and Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking is one of the functions of the MOZ analytics and gives you a clear picture of your keywords and how they are performing. He discusses two types of sites a small site with a few highly condensed keyworkds, and a larger one with a significant number of keywords – and how using keywords is different in each of them.

Rand also emphasizes the use of webmaster tools in all of your SEO efforts. Even though Bing and Yahoo follow the leader “Google”, he says it is important to familiarize yourself and use Bing’s webmaster tools as well. Google at this time is not ranking authorship, but most of them in the SEO world think it is just a matter of time. If you are posting content as a guest on a high authority site, ultimately that is a good thing, as they have high standards which in turn gives your post more authority. He advises against using spammy links from your site back to your post or the authority site, it doesn’t work. Don’t do it.! Watch the video there are some very interesting nuggets that he shares

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