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Well I did it! I am not completely happy with it but I can only go up from here 🙂


Let’s see I left off throwing in the towel :0 well obviously not for good. I did stay away for a couple of years only working on keeping my sites up (very limited). I kept paying for hosting and my domain names and eventually decided to tackle it again. And one more time I fell for the big sale invested way to much in a coaching course (I did get a free trip to LA). It was seriously flawed from the beginning in that it felt like even though they paid for my ticket and hotel they were not prepared for me to actually show up. I didn’t get to meet the “Guru” who was supposed to be my coach until the last day and then for 10 minutes.  When I signed up I was assured that it was not a program designed around Adwords as I was not prepared to spend anymore. But of course it was. The coach I did have was good and very knowledgeable. But we seemed to be all over the map in terms of setting out a course of action.

I have found I work best if I have a guide – step 1, step 2 etc. When I can follow along, I never have any problems and I have accomplished a lot. But with no direction just a comparison type review html site I was very frustrated.  I did have a few coaching calls after but then my coach left, another one came on board, and he left … you get my drift.

Finally I just decided to knuckle down and build my own sites and along the way met someone who’s product I was selling as an affiliate. He made a big difference. He looked at my site told me what to tweak and where, in no time I was on page 1  of google. I would like to say I repeated the process over and over but I didn’t that was the site I got hit by Google with and that deflated my sails. I worked at building out the other sites and got some good ratings but no income. I had to stick with the J.O.B. and my time was taken up a lot with that.

So Now I am hopeful that this challenge will help me to understand the “system” that I know I can follow, rinse and repeat.

to be continued …

About Sherry Fields

By Sherry Fields: By a very circuitous route I find myself in Internet Marketing. I have been on this journey for about 12 years, but really only dabbling in it until recently. With over 25 niche sites my creative juices get a great work out. As a published author, I have learned 'stick-to-it-ness" and getting the job done which means all the bits that are not creative too - you know the 'slog" stuff. You'll find me on Facebook, Twitter, JV Focus, Warrior Forum, LinkedIn and
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7 Responses to Quick Start Challenge Video

  1. Nice video and great comments in your post.
    I know exactly what you mean by being all over the map in terms of action – so many knowledgeable people share too much and we beginners can fit all the pieces together. 1-2-3 … works for me too.
    Hope you share some of your other blogs/sites on here too.
    All the best

  2. Anne Uemura says:

    Hello Sherry: You’ve done an amazing job with your website, and obviously you have perseverance. I so enjoyed what I read here, including your story about your son, and about meeting your husband. Let me tell you a bit about my IM story: well, it’s the usual one with lots of shiny objects and failures. Just a few days ago I made an assessment of myself and I came to the same conclusion as you: I do best with a coach who tells me what to do. Given too many choices I can wander around in circles. That’s why the QSC worked so well for me. I’m good at relationships, and that’s why I so enjoy the FB group. I also came to the conclusion that Dean was the coach to continue with, so I borrowed the money to continue with him with iPro. The path is laid out, I just do the work, and his products and services take care of the rest. Wishing you the best–I’ll sign up to stay in touch. Is there an optin box somewhere? Anne

    • Sherry Fields says:

      Hi Anne, yes there was an optin … perhaps you closed the webcaster and did not see. But I will email you and let you know how to reach me. I am so glad you are moving forward and have made such positive decisions. I could not take advantage of the Ipro program at this time, so I very much would like to hear of your successes.

      I am working on a secret project ☺ right now and will send a link when it is ready.

      Kind regards,

  3. Anne Uemura says:

    Hi Sherry:

    I wish I could have found a place to put a comment after I viewed your newest video. Excellent. Love those whiteboard animated videos. With you ability to hop and skip and jump ahead, you’ll be where you need to be soon. I am going to post in the next hour. There is also work to be done on the site because I purchased a product that will “hide” the optin box. The Todd Gross overlay that you have–I already signed up and didn’t know how to turn it off…but I guess that’s the point, huh? You’re awesome, woman. Anne

  4. Hi Sherry,
    Congratulations on the blog. Looks like a great start yo have here. Was just returning some visits from QSC members and noted your comment on NoBSFrom.ME – thank you!
    I didn’t follow along as closely as I could have, you are right. I am taking mine in a little different direction on purpose. But I did leave a review of sorts at the site you might be interested in. It’s at http://nobsfrom.me/blog/qsc-never-now-time-roll-sleeves-get-busy/

    Love to hear what you think.

    Thanks again and hope to see you around!

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