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Each of these designs are custom made one of a kind. Once they are sold they will not be duplicated. If you click the image you can see the site live. If it does not go to the live page, that means it has been sold. You can contact me to custom design a site just for you! The price remains the same $67.00. These sites come loaded with graphics, premium plugins, (Search Engine Optimization) SEO, keyword research and much more.

Sherry Fields CustomDesigned


Here is what you get with a Custom Theme

    1. The theme is a customized one of a kind. It will be created with images, products, reviews all based around keywords directly related to the site and the domain name.
    2. The keyword research was done painstakingly to ensure that buyers are looking for these great keywords and matched the domain name with a (dot) com.
    3. On Page SEO for the target Keyword(s)
    4. Current WordPress installation with easy access through the admin login
    5. If you want to make multiple sites around the same content, you will have the ZIP file to use to extract/remove/keep the elements you want for link building strategies.
    6. Custom graphics
    7. One site license for WP Amaz-One Amazon auto-posting plugin fully integrated and set to post for two months – already set up
    8. Full setup on your hosting including the basic and premium plugins, your hosting company must offer CPanel – not GoDaddy or 1 and 1
    9. The custom site comes with the domain and will be moved to your name at Dynadot and will only be sold to you.
    10. Premium plugins included:

WP Amaz-One ($97 value)
Digi Auto Links ($47)
Digi Link Doctor (&47)
Digi Traffic Multiplier ($47)
Digi Viral Traffic ($47)
SiloBot ($37)
Syndication Rockstar ($97)
WP Covert Social Press ($47)

Total Value = $665.00 (including web design, graphics, domain)

Be Very Sure When Ordering There are NO REFUNDS

on custom sites for any reason.

In order to place an order for a custom site, please email me Sherry at (replace the at with the @ sign) and please give me as much detail as possible – Niche – Keywords, including your full name, email and number to call with details/questions.


About Sherry Fields

By Sherry Fields: By a very circuitous route I find myself in Internet Marketing. I have been on this journey for about 12 years, but really only dabbling in it until recently. With over 25 niche sites my creative juices get a great work out. As a published author, I have learned 'stick-to-it-ness" and getting the job done which means all the bits that are not creative too - you know the 'slog" stuff. You'll find me on Facebook, Twitter, JV Focus, Warrior Forum, LinkedIn and
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