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By Sherry Fields: By a very circuitous route I find myself in Internet Marketing. I have been on this journey for about 12 years, but really only dabbling in it until recently. With over 25 niche sites my creative juices get a great work out. As a published author, I have learned 'stick-to-it-ness" and getting the job done which means all the bits that are not creative too - you know the 'slog" stuff. You'll find me on Facebook, Twitter, JV Focus, Warrior Forum, LinkedIn and

3rd Blog Post

Week Three Well fellow Quick Starters, I did it. If you made it to my blog this week you will see my Web Caster offering a free report on Facebook. I am totally stoked. It took me all day today … Continue reading

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Quick Start Challenge Video

QSC Video Well I did it! I am not completely happy with it but I can only go up from here 🙂   Let’s see I left off throwing in the towel :0 well obviously not for good. I did … Continue reading

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2nd Blog Post

The Journey Continues After moving to Montana from Toronto, I was still very interested in the internet but didn’t actually become involved as a marketer until 2002. I joined a very and I mean very expensive program (5 figures) that … Continue reading

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1st Blog Post

First Post Well this is my first attempt at a “blog”, I am not sure what I am doing, but I am part of a challenge called the Quick Start Challenge and I don’t want to let my team-mates down. … Continue reading

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Email As Strong As Ever!

According to a recent blog post by Sean Donahoe, you should be posting to both your social media accounts and through your email lists. Here is his infographic to explain it.  

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Commission Extractor Testimonial

Testimonial for Kader Baker’s Commission Extractor Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Stay tuned for the launch date when you can get your hands on Commission Extractor.

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Site – For Sale – Portable Fish Finder

This Portable Fish Finder Site is also available for $67.00 with everything listed above Click here to Buy the Portable Fish Finder Website    

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For Sale – Amazon Sites

Each of these designs are custom made one of a kind. Once they are sold they will not be duplicated. If you click the image you can see the site live. If it does not go to the live page, … Continue reading

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Site for sale – Greenhouse Kits

This custom website is available for $67.00 If you click the buy links below you may find that the sites have already sold – if you are interested in a particular theme of your own please visit the Amazon Custom … Continue reading

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Baby Rocker Theme

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