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Neuromarketing and Consumer Science

I am taking a course in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience taught by professor Thomas Zoëga RamsØy. In a recent lecture the professor interviewed Kyle Nel from Lowe’s Innovation Labs. It was a facinating discussion about the fact that neuroscience is just catching on in the marketing world with lots of stops and starts. Nel indicated that the public perception is that it is a shiny new toy, and as such were very interested in it.

But marketers today as still stuck in the old model, the old paradigm and are using data mining as their source for moving forward. Nel describes his job as bringing in the next “big thing” whether it pertains to marketing, data, store layout it is just being on the cutting edge as the framework is always changing.

Title: Neuromarketing: Explaining the Brain’s ‘Buy Button’
Owner: Bloomberg News

Kyle Nel believes that neuro information is so much richer and provides a deeper understanding of consumer habits, spending and overall behavior that lends them to be impacted by the right marketing. People, business owners, bottom line thinkers who are not researchers are more excited about Neuromarketing than professional researchers and are very quick to adapt it.

Understanding the consumer comes from neuromarketing. Researchers & data miners have an irrational hold on an old methodology, it you want to incorporate this information you need to get over the obstacle (researchers). Go to the business owner and they will get excited about it and the helps the researchers get beyond their resistance.

There is still the stigma that Neuromarketing is too akin to the snake oil salesman. But on the client side they don’t have any of these old perceptions, or what know what to expect or what to ask for. Nel believes that Neuro Science will move gradually into main stream marketing. And those who know it and understand it now, will have the advantage for some time.

Title: UCSF Scientists Prompt New Periods of Brain Plasticity in Juvenile Mice
Owner: LabGrab

It is very exciting to see the mobile search with all the gear on (the monitors for heat screen scanning) to show where the consumer is looking as they move through the store. Previously we had nothing, no testing done in retail spaces. They had something called a shop along, which tried to get feedback from the consumer but was mostly unsuccessful. Or alternatively they used surveys at the point of sale – many consumers did not want to participate.

The problem with the surveys was that it takes too much for granted – that we asked the right questions, that the respondent understood the question, and that they knew their motivation for purchasing. Surveys are just not qualified. Constant hyper competitiveness shows a lot of flaws in trying to understand consumers choices.

Nel suggests that the NBSA Neuromarketing Business Assoc., should be the guardians taking it out of academia, to include more of a laymans version so that the average marketer could read and understand what the emerging Neuro Science is showing us.

Recommended reading: Neuromarketing For Dummies Paperback – August 6, 2013
by Stephen Genco (Author), Andrew Pohlmann

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