3rd Blog Post

Week Three

Well fellow Quick Starters, I did it. If you made it to my blog this week you will see my Web Caster offering a free report on Facebook. I am totally stoked. It took me all day today (Sunday) to:

a) get my autoresponder set up

b) my product edited [as an aside I was very worried I would not get approval for the affiliate programs in JVZoo as you had to have a certain number of sales – but luckily I knew the product creator and asked for consideration]

c) choose and apply for three affiliate programs to put into the Facebook Report and get the affiliate links and then put them into the report as clickable text

d) configure the webcaster

e) covert the product from a .docx to a .pdf and keep the hyperlinks active

f) upload the pdf to my thank you page

g) find out how to keep my thank you page private

h) sign up and test all the links … and yay it works!!

Tomorrow I want to spend sometime writing down all these steps in detail, so that it will be a rinse and repeat scenario. I have had WP-Webcaster since it first came out, but was too busy, too distracted, too intimidated to implement it. But making the commitment to this Quick Start Challenge has been really good for me – it pushes me past that fear to make it work!.

T’was a rough week for me. My J.O.B. demanded full time attention all week. I only got to listen to about 30 minutes of this week’s webinar but enough to understand was was expected. And on top of all of that one of my very best friend’s 32 year old son passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Thankfully he isn’t suffering any longer.


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