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First Post

Well this is my first attempt at a “blog”, I am not sure what I am doing, but I am part of a challenge called the Quick Start Challenge and I don’t want to let my team-mates down. Nor do I want to let myself down … so here goes.  I have been online since 1993, before they had color, before we had the ability to have pictures and graphics, or sound.

Yeah, way back in the dark ages 🙄 At the time I was renovating an 85 year old home in Toronto, Canada, working long hard physical hours. Old_computer-4My son was the one to encourage me to try “the internet”.  My first experience with computers was in the 80’s when I owned a travel agency, we used computers to book flights, vacations and print airline tickets. And of course used it as a word processor.

It wasn’t a huge leap for me to try the internet … or so I thought. My son ghosted my aging dinosaur through his newer model and by some magic, I was connected to the internet. At first the only communication I had was with his other “computer nerd” friends. (My son has gone on to own and sell several successful software companies).

It didn’t take long for me to be somewhat bored as I knew nothing and had no interest in computer programming.  I had written a software program that helped my alphabetize lots of data … and that was my only foray into programming.  So I started exploring the “boards” and found one on pen pals. It was hilarious. The majority of the men were trying desperately to find dates/girlfriends. I used to read their posts at the end of the day, dog tired from knocking down walls or putting them up. But they were so funny, so awful that I found the comedic relief wonderful.

And then one day I found a post by a normal guy – OMG. He lived in Montana. Even though I had traveled extensively I knew very little about Montana. So we started writing to each other. 78 letters in 3 weeks, I had to find out if this man was real or if it was all smoke and mirrors. On the way to the airport my son asked what does he look like? I said I don’t know he is 6 ‘1″ with wavy long brown hair. My son then said: “but Mom what if he is a geek?”. I told him that was what return tickets were for.  I stayed two weeks, came home engaged and we were married 6 months later. And as they say the rest is history.

About Sherry Fields

By Sherry Fields: By a very circuitous route I find myself in Internet Marketing. I have been on this journey for about 12 years, but really only dabbling in it until recently. With over 25 niche sites my creative juices get a great work out. As a published author, I have learned 'stick-to-it-ness" and getting the job done which means all the bits that are not creative too - you know the 'slog" stuff. You'll find me on Facebook, Twitter, JV Focus, Warrior Forum, LinkedIn and
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2 Responses to 1st Blog Post

  1. Boon says:

    Hi Sherry,

    It must have taken you a lot of courage to go and meet the man. Your story is just like a fairy tale come true.

    Congrats for setting up your blog.


    • Sherry Fields says:

      Hi Boon, Thanks for writing, This Quick Start Challenge – making the video took more courage 🙂 I wish you every success on your journey.

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